Adding Gas from Biomass to the Gas Grid


Rapport, juli 2001
Martin Hagen og Erik Polman (GASTEC NV), Owe Jönsson, Biomil AB og Anders Dahl (SGC), Asger Myken og Jan Jensen (DGC)

Nowadays there are only a few biomass gasification plants operative worldwide delivering gas to the grid. One of the main reasons for this is that gas from biomass is hardly competitive with natural gas or other sources of energy. Useful application of the produced heat is in most cases restricted to local utilisation, since large distance transport of heat is economically unattractive.

A way to improve the economics is to use biogas via the gas grid at locations where all biogas can be used efficiently at any time. This use may involve for example the conversion to heat or electricity, or use as a vehicle fuel. One way to accomplish this is adding the biogas to the natural gas grid. The other way is to utilise a dedicated gas distribution grid with end-user applications fit for the local gas quality.




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