Evaluation of the NOx emissions of the Danish population of gas boilers below 120 kW


Projektrapport, oktober 2014
Jean Schweitzer, Per G. Kristensen, DGC

The report evaluates the overall NOx emissions from domestic gas boilers on the Danish market and foresees their evolution. The results of the work will be included in the discussion of the actual taxation of NOx emissions of appliances.
The conclusion of the report is that we expect the emission factor to be about 10 g/GJ within the next 15-20 years compared to the 25 g/GJ emission factor of today (Oct. 2014). The taxation rate is 40 g/GJ, much higher than the emission level.

The decrease of the domestic gas boiler emissions is a result of older boilers being replaced by modulating boilers with much lower emissions. A further reduction of the emission factor will come from new Ecodesign limits to NOx emissions of gas boilers. Finally, the gas quality expected in the future for Denmark will result in further reduction of the emission factor. 




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